Getting a Tattoo can be Therapy session you  needed

October 4, 2017

I have been tattooing for over 25years now .i got into the trade because I loved art and to put it on the skin was just the most amazing place to put it .not like today's bunch who watch LA INK and think it looks a great way to look cool .over the years I have heard many story's my my clients about there life's .what they are doing and emotional things that have happened to them .i have been through a lot over my years to .so I find I can talk openly to my clients about this .its as even helped some of them to hear from a open minded view on the problems .over the last last 7 years I have been in the media a lot more .i found this lead to me getting a large fan base world wide of younger people .i found this ended up in me have a lot of responsibility in my actions .i ended up writing a book about my life and everything I had been through.i thought people would just wanted to know about the celeb stuff .but all the feed back I got was how seeing what I had been through in life and where I had now got to .was a massive help to them that they could do something with there life's to .this give me a great feeling to be able to help people .so this is what I try to do in life everyday now .lately I have had some clients send me some letters of how they feel I have helped them .                        CLIENT 1.
Where do I begin, Kev came into my life last year and pretty much restored my confidence and my faith that there is a few good people out there that just want to help others for no gain to themselves. My story started in 2014 when my world was torn apart, my dad who was my best friend, suddenly and unexpectedly died through a brain aneurism. It absolutely killed me to watch my dad slip away and know there was absolutely nothing I could do but hold his hand and tell him it's ok to go and I'll look after the family. My dad was an awesome guy he was covered in tattoos so I thought what better way to pay my respect, show my love and have something for everyone to see than get a tattoo for him on my wrist. I'd thought about what I wanted for a while and went to a tattooist that had been recommended by a friend, and even before it was done I hated it, it was awful nothing like I'd asked for. I was devastated something I was meant to be proud of and show off had gone so badly wrong I cried all the way home and was straight away looking into cover ups and laser. I then found another artist that agreed to try and fix it and nope the damage had been done I hated it. It just wasn't right so the next step was laser and that just started scaring me, so I just lived in long sleeves I was so ashamed of this mess on my arm And that's where Kev entered my world I just came across him on Google and thought well I've got nothing to lose so I called him and straight away I knew this guy was going to help me, I told him everything I'd been through and how it made me feel and he just said text me a photo I'm sure I can help. So I sent a photo and yep he agreed he could cover it up and make it right. I can't tell you how much I felt this weight just lift the thought that someone will help me and I could actually have something to be proud of actually made me cry. The next week I was sat in his shop and as soon as I sat down I knew I was in the right place with the right guy, I loved his idea and we just clicked I felt so comfortable with him and trusted him and I wasn't wrong what I left with is beautiful I show it off, I can wear short sleeves again and he's restored my confidence so much and for that I'll be forever grateful. The time sat there having my tattoo done I got to talk and really open up about my dad and how much his loss destroyed me and how I've taken so much on I've almost had to step up as head of the family and Kev listened and I knew he was listening. It felt good to be able to talk about my dad to someone that didn't know him and show him photos of my dad. Not only did Kev fix my tattoo he honestly helped heal my heart a bit. I honestly think dad sent me to Kev because he knew he was the man for the job. I truly am so grateful to Kev not just for what he did with my tattoo, for being there when I needed someone to open up to as well, for listening. A complete stranger showed more compassion to me than people I've known for years and for that I will be forever grateful and I believe through it all I've gained a friend.

Ive been getting tattooed by a number of tattooists since I was 18 and was never fully happy with there work. It was then in the summer of 2015 I contacted Kevin Paul with an idea I had and some tattoos that I had found and liked over my past few years of looking, I was instantly impressed, Kevin was so helpful and what struck me most was his honesty and his straight to the point talking. Kevin advised me on what I could and couldn’t have to cover two tattoos and he explained what he could do for a bespoke and unique designed tattoo, his quality of work that I had researched convinced me I would have my tattoo done with him. I have a family with children, I wanted them being a part within my tattoo and the design. I wanted a Roman theme, with body armour being the main focal point. Kev said that during the tattoo he would place features with the tattoo on parts of the panels within. In September 2015 I booked in with Kev for my first 4 hours of work, and this is where I began to get to know Kev a little better and we became friends. I immediately felt at ease around Kev as he is similar to myself in that he is a down to earth, honest family man that says exactly what he thinks. I think we got on well because Kev would tell me about his past and I could relate to them doing the job I did and his experiences.

I went on to book in for two more slots with Kev in the coming months, during this time I was experiencing some very difficult times in my personal life, it was a time that made me reflect a lot on my life. In May 2016 I lost someone very close to me which hit me hard, I was booked in to have another sitting with Kev and I explained to him of what had happened and what I was going through, Kev listened to me and gave me some excellent advice from his previous experiences which I took on board and took away with me. Kev has a way with words in that he speaks with so much knowledge in life experiences, his common sense advice is so simple but so true, through his advice we inserted some more features within my tattoo, one being a Lion sat above a number of stars to represent each of my children and my partner, to protect them, all this is contained within the armour, this being the overall protection, he undoubtedly helped me through this difficult time and this is represented with my fantastic design. In further visits to Kev, he continued to give his worldly, sound advice with was valuable and well received to me.

I continue to see Kev having had 6 sessions in total with him now and further ones booked. Kev is a very likeable guy, who is an extremely talented artist, the work he has done on me, although not finished yet is fantastic, I often received compliments on the work and I have referred work to Kevin as a result, the amount of detail contained within my tattoo is phenomenal, which is brought to life with Kev’s talents being the great tattooist he is.

Before I met Kevin my life was controlled by my scars.
From the age of 15 suffered badly with mental health. I was put on the wrong medication and was not monitored. This caused me to have Sleep Paralysis. Which felt like I was reliving my demons. As time went on I struggled more and more. I started to drink heavily. It was just to make me sleep at first. To stop the images come into my head at night. Soon alcohol didn’t even work and I was waking myself up hurting myself, hitting my head against the wall and harming my arms, anything just to wake myself up. After being taken to hospital one day I was changed medication. It took along time, but in the end I finally started to take hold of my life. I decided to try and make new friends as I had lost many throughout the years. I signed up to a Zumba class. I was nervous but also excited but my excitement was soon shot down. A woman suggested to me that I should wear long sleeves as my scars will make others uncomfortable and they may not enjoy the group because of me. I went straight home and cried.
The following week a woman in Primark said I should be putting makeup on to cover the scars. After a few more comments throughout the year I started to drink again. I felt disgusting. I covered up no matter how hot it was. I wasn’t living. I wasn’t having fun.
But hearing from Kevin changed my life. Telling me he can cover my scars. When he started to cover my ugly scars into something beautiful I felt a sense of relief. Like a massive weight had been lifted. Watching each part of my scars get covered into bright beautiful colours made me feel emotional. It was like a dream. But a good one! I opened up my feeling’s to Kevin and I felt safe and comfortable with him. He LISTENED to me. Which meant a lot to me. He’s been though hard times. So I felt I could talk to him. Comments Kevin was saying really rang true to me and really helpful.
Since my scars have me covered I feel proud. I’ve been on holiday, wore a dress! I feel like a new person. I’ve even been to Kenya to help the children in Nakru slums, which Kevin sponsored me to do. It’s not just a tattoo he’s given me. He’s given me my life.
I’m now training to help people who are struggling with addiction. I just want to help others now. I don’t hide away any more. I see an exciting future. I now live life to the full.

My son used to live on a boat on a marina where I kept my own boat as well so I used to be down the marina most days to visit him and work on my boat. Then one Thursday last year I went to see him and he wasn't in which was a bit strange. I went for the next three days and he still wasn't there so I reported him missing. He had left his phone on the boat which was very unusual for him he never went anywhere without his phone. Our village community was fantastic even putting up missing posters up everywhere. After three and a half weeks the police found him in the river. He was only twenty two and it has shattered the family. One of the things he always wanted was a tattoo, so I thought it would be a nice tribute to him and a permanent reminder of him. My friend at work was getting a tattoo by this celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul so I asked him to introduce me to him. We went to his studio and as soon as I saw him I thought this guy is humbling, I told him what I wanted and he even designed an amazing piece of artwork for me. When I met him I told him what happened and why I wanted the tattoo and he said it was a good idea as I was getting tattooed we sat talking about my loss and how it has affected me and my family, he was so compassionate, listened and said such kind words. He even gave me advice about ways to grieve, I personal think he helped me with my tragic loss of my son and I regard him as a very good friend. As it stands now I have had six tattoos done by Kevin and they all have a meaning. Kevin is a down to earth guy and he always has a smile on his face when I see him and I can't thank him enough for being a good listener and for giving advice he will always be in my heart and mind. 

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