Kevin Paul first started tattooing back when he was only 13 years old in 1991, back when tattooing wasn’t a fashion trend thanks to bad TV shows making it as popular as it is today, he has come a long way since then. He has spent most of his early career specializing in dark horror style work winning awards for his HR Giger style artwork over the years and has been seen working at some of the biggest tattoo conventions around the world. Over the last ten years he has spent a lot of his time working with some of the worlds most famous faces, he has been the go-to artist on tour with many acts over the years with tours like, X-factor, dancing on ice, big band reunion, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and many more one of the biggest tattoo’s being the world famous lion on Ed Sheeran’s chest, love it or hate it’s become one of the most famous tattoos ever to be done gaining press and TV interviews worldwide. With Ed himself using the artwork as a backdrop for his 2018-19 world tours. In 2018 a 6 figure offer was made for ownership of the famous lion artwork that was drawn round at Ed’s house the night before. The original artwork is now going to be part of a London gallery in 2019 showing Kevin’s work. Kevin is also the face of Nivea in 2018 and GQ along with being the only UK tattooist to be allowed to work in a UK NHS hospital.



These days Kevin spends a lot of time writing books and TV shows when he isn’t busy tattooing his ever-growing client base. Kevin was a star of the hit TV show tattoo disasters UK that went out worldwide. This later lead to him having to fix a lot of work done on tattoo fixers on e4. This was covered by Radio 1 and the national newspapers. After this a large growth in bad work and people with scars started to trust in him to help with their problems. Around 50% of his work is now helping them.


Kevin has built up a name with the rich and famous from all over the world working to suit their individual needs. But while he does this he doesn’t want to make himself inaccessible to the everyday person. This is why he keeps his studio prices low. So please don’t be afraid to ask about any ideas you have. The only things Kevin doesn’t do are fashion trends designs like the pocket watches, lettering, or anything you might have seen on Google images of David Beckham. He doesn’t want people to regret their ink in a couple of years when the fashions change. So please think of things that are personal to you when you contact him, as he will try to work these things into your design.


Kevin is always asked to take part in TV shows and campaigns most of which he doesn’t do. But if its something that doesn’t make the tattoo industry look bad or his own reputation then he is more than happy to take part.



Kevin Paul is now helping to fix unwanted tattoos and scars alongside his main tattoo work for enquiries contact Kevin directly.



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